about me


Hi there, my name is Ben. I grew up in Mexico City in the early 80s and it was a great time. I’ve been in San Diego - Southern California (or US) - for over 20-something-years now. I come from a long line of artists that have informed my interests for sure.

Long story short, I ended up in NYC for undergrad and then grad school in SF all for art. When I moved back to SD I found baking by accident and at the time it fulfilled the need I had to create.

By accident (and for the love of learning new things) I became a fishmonger which I did happily for years until my Covid-19 isolation experience.

I’ve been aching to create again - to meet new people and expand my community. I’ve always thought of clothing as a way to show people who you are and I believe I have a great and different point of view.

For Wet Goat California I'm not being shy or strict about where to pull inspiration from. I have great memories as a kid just going through encyclopedias (yes, we had those back then) and finding interesting and exciting images, ideas and historical moments that sparked my curiosity. Those books were a way for me to learn about the world. Similarly, I’m recreating that boundless exploration in the way I use all kinds of references in my design process. My only stipulation is - Would I wear this? Would my friends wear this?

The timing is finally right for me to start my own brand. Hope you love it as much as I do.

-Ben Guttin.

PS. “Contact me” if you’re interested in collaborating (I am).